It is a collection of the typographic research by using computation. It explores the aesthetic of experimental code driven typography by using Processing created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. Initially it began with my MFA thesis, TYPE+CODE, at Maryland Institute College of Art, in 2007, and then, it has extended to my lifetime research project since I graduated. Through TYPE+CODE II, I have experimented with traditional and cultural oriented calligraphy to reinterpret into modern and contemporary typography with the computer codes. It crosses boundaries between calligraphy, graphic art, typography, and computer art. I use letterform, words phrases, and sentences to explore innovative typographic forms and solutions by using mathematic expressions, computer algorithms such as Binary tree and L-system and libraries. They convey diversified visual messages inspired by nature, addressing environmental issues such as green design, healing through arts, exploring philosophical and religious interpretation regarding life, death and love. The updated version, TYPE+CODE III, shows the possibilities of an extension of the aesthetic of code driven typography from cyberspace to physical space by using digital fabrication and various mediums. Floral typography (TYPE + CODE IV) is a design trend that combines typography, calligraphy and lettering with floral elements. It is a computational typography system to explore legible, expressive and narrative typography with floral elements. It shows how a custom illustration can be embedded into a selected typeface to explore legible and expressive typography in a generative system. Typography is a form of art to make written language expressive by using letter forms and text. Based on the type choices, different emotions and moods can be visually expressed through the generative selfies. TYPE + CODE V (Typographic selfie + CODE) is visual research with diverse typefaces to embed visual expression into generative selfies.


To implement my visual ideas, I referenced Geomerative Library and Caligraft (,) created by Ricard Marxer, Binary Tree Algorithm(data structure in computer science composing of parent nodes,or leaves,) L-system algorithm,simulating dimensional tree forms with fractals and the fonts, Arial, Helvetica, Stanford from, in Processing, created by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.


2020 Will Present, “Social Homelessness on US Campuses”, ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Montreal, CA
2020 Will Present “Tangible Type + CODE”, as Seccond Author, The 30th EVA London 2020, London, England
2020 Will Present, “Social Homelessness on US Campuses II”, SIGGRAPH Diversity & Inclusion Summit, Washington DC, USA
2020 Presented “TYPE + CODE IV + V, SEGD (Society of Experiential Graphic Design), Portland, Oregen
2020 Presented, “Expressvie TYPE + CODE”, Processing Community Day, The New School, NYC, NY
2020 Published, “Typographic Selfie + CODE”, The 30th EVA London 2020, London, England
2020 Present “Typographic Selfie + CODE”, CICA New Media Art Conference, CICA Museum, Kimpo, South Korea
2020 Solo Exhibition “Typographic Selfie + CODE”, CICA New Media Art Conference, CICA Museum, Kimpo, South Korea
2019 Presented “TYPE + CODE IV”, Alicante Design Education Forum, Alicante, Spain
2019 Presented “The Social Homelessness on US Campuses”, IEEE GEM (Games Entertainment & Media), Yale University, New Haven, CT
2019 Presented “The Social Homelessness on US Campuses”, ARTECH 2019: Digital Media Art Ecosystems, Braga, Portugal
2019 Presented “TYPE + CODE III, TypeCon, The Society of Typographic Aficionados, Minneapolis, MN
2019 Solo Exhibition, “The Bible + Code II”, Trinity International College, Deerfield, IL
2017 Featured the Article, “Algorithm Based Designs: Not A Parallel Universe Anymore.”,, Yardley, PA 2017
2017 Exhibited “Being Ignored”, Web3D 2017 Conference, Brisbane, Australia
2016 Published “TYPE + CODE II”, Leonardo (a top journal for art and technology), MIT Press, Boston, MA
2016 Featured the Article, “What Is Algorithmic Typography?”, Lake Oswego, OR
2016 Solo Exhibition, “The Bible + CODE”, Solo Exhibition, Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA
2016 Presented “Creative Code”, AIGA Educators’ Conference, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
2016 Presented “Being Ignored” and “Creative Code”, ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts), Hong Kong, China
2015 Published “a”, “g” and “Y”, Data-Driven Graphic Design, written by Andrew Richardson, London, England
2015 Awarded “Tree 2.0“ Third Prize (3rd Out of 523 Entries) at the National Juried Exhibition, Art + Science, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN
2015 Awarded Juror’s Choice Award, Y 4.0” , Internatonal Digital Media and Arts’s Annual Conference (IDMAA), Johnson City, TN 2014
2015 Published “Classroom for Processing by Yeohyun Ahn”, Type on the Screen, edited by Ellen Lupton, NYC, NY
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2012 Interviewed, ”Creating A New Species Of Letters And Words: Q&A with Yeohyun Ahn”, The Creator’s Project, NYC, NY
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2012 Interviewed by the Creator's Project, "Creating a New Species of Letters and Words:Q&A With Yeohyun Ahn," with Meghan Killeen.
2012 Featured the article,"Code-Driven Typography by Yeohyun Ahn," at in Milan, Italy.
2011 Exhibited "WORDS&NUMBERS:National Juried exhibition," Union Street Gallery, Chicago Height, IL
2010 Exhibited "WORDPLAY," New York Times Magazine Gallery, NYC, NY
2010 Featured as cover artist for Letter Arts Review magazine, NYC, NY.
2009 Named "Dimension and Typography," "Top 5 Design Show" of 2009 by Newcity Art Chicago ISpace Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008 Designed letters of the Annual "Year in Ideas" Issue for The New York Times Magazine
2007 Presented TYPE+CODE at AIGA Design Educators Conference 2008:Massaging Media 2: TYPE+CODE ,Boston
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