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Being Ignored Ver 2.0

I was inspired by the research paper, "Studies show that women faculty of color may be the most marginalized faculty on US campuses. Challenging areas are isolation, high attrition, student evaluations, peer perception, additional service responsibilities, etc. " from and the book, Culture Shock for Asians in U.S. Academia: Breaking the Model Minority Myth, by Eunkyong Lee Yook. It is a painting using light and computer code. It is an interdisciplinary project crossing boundaries between painting, photography, computer art, and journalism. A computer screen displays real time images captured through a web camera that is installed invisibly on the top of the computer screen. As viewers move toward the screen, the web camera captures the viewer’s portrait and display it on the computer screen. The computer code will eliminate the viewer’s facial expression in order to convey the concept of being ignored. The visual style is inspired by Impressionism, which is a 19th century art movement that captures a moment in time,and Expressionism, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream, which expresses a psychological theme.

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Being Ignored Ver 3.0

It is the latest version of "Being Ignored".

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Self Portraits + CODE

It is a collection by my self portraits and Mirror Library in Processing.

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